Nokia 8.3 5G variants TA-1243 and TA-1251 getting BT SIG and WiFi certificates before the launch

Nokia 8.3 5G was announced back in March, but the global COVID-19 pandemics delayed the launch of the device for almost six months. Since this is the first Nokia smartphone that will be supporting non-standalone and standalone 5G networks, there will be more variants of the device, and the device will be available around the globe. The first two variants just passed the BT SIG certification process, which means that the launch date is close. Nokia TA-1243 and Nokia TA-1251 will feature BT 5.0, which is expected for the price range. Interestingly, certified models are the third hardware version of the device, which suggests that Nokia Mobile has been playing with the internals for a quite time now.

Nokia TA-1243 also got the WiFi certificate that shows Nokia 8.3 5G will be supporting two WiFi frequencies (2.4G and 5G), but definitely won’t be supporting WiFi 6 standard. The device is also certified for a/b/g/n/ac connectivity, which is expected for this kind of smartphone model.

Nokia 8.3 is in the last phase of launch preparation according to the received certificates, and we can expect its arrival to the stores in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see the final price of the device in different markets around the world. Nokia 8.3 5G might be covering all the 5G network types and bands, but the competition launched 5G smartphones with similar or better hardware specs at a lower price range. So far, Nokia 8.3 has the best looks but looks only cant help achieve great sales results. Reviewers will be focusing on the camera, display, and battery life, and if Nokia 8.3 performs well in those areas, the announced higher price might be justified.

Source BT SIG / WiFi

Cheers to Venkatesh for the tip!