Nokia TVs certified by BT SIG

Nokia TVs were announced in Denmark and Finland, and the expansion to Nordic countries also came with BT SIG granting a certificate for Nokia branded TVs. This certificate doesn’t give us some special insights into the product, since we already had a chance of reviewing it, except it confirms the info that TVs are assembled by Turkish company Vestel.

There is only one thing a bit odd with the declaration, and that is the usage of Bluetooth 5.0 when StreamView clearly stated it is using a BT 4.2 radio. Well, it is not something that will improve the usage of the remote, but surely will prolong the battery life of your earphones that also have BT 5.0.

On the declaration you can see some old forgotten names in the TV industry like JVC, Hitachi and Toshiba which could suggest that Nokia smart TV is sharing the same BT radio. This certificate does also suggest that Nokia TVs should start showing up more in retail stores, not just on the website where you can buy Nokia Android TV starting from 369.90€.

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