New range of Nokia Smart TVs coming to Flipkart on October 6th

Nokia announced via its official Twitter account that a new range of Nokia Smart TVs will be announced on 6th October. Based on the wording of the tweet and mention of Flipkart, the new range of TVs will also first be available in India, while for an international debut we will have to wait.


Nokia and Flipkart are already in partnership where Flipkart licenses the Nokia brand for TVs in India and is offering the 43″, 55″ and 65″ dimensions via its online store. The tweet posted on Nokia’s global account suggest we will see a new range of TVs, maybe meaning second generation of Nokia SmartTV in multiple diagonals.

The SmartTV will continue running Android 9 Pie and we will know more about what Flipkart and Nokia are preparing on October 6th.