New Nokia audio accessories received a BT SIG certificate

One thing that I’m constantly nagging about is the existence and distribution of the official Nokia accessories. Official accessories were always a part of the Nokia ecosystem, and Nokia was trying to give its customers a wide variety of accessories, but the most important ones were audio accessories. Nokia collaborated with JBL, and Coloud to make rather good headphones and earphones, and I was more than happy to see that Nokia Mobile also went that way. From the early beginnings, we could see that Nokia Mobile has various wired or BT headsets, which looked great but could not be found in stores. With the True Wireless or Power Earbuds Nokia MObile was finally ready to show to its fans and customers that Nokia’s name is proudly back on that kind of accessories. I tried to get my hands on those, but with no luck. With the latest licensing deal with RichGo, a company that is making audio equipment for some renamed brands, it seems that my luck will finally change and will be able to review a Nokia audio accessories once again.

RichGo got the BT SIG certificate just recently for three of the audio products (E1200, E3200, and E3500) that were designed with the purpose of sticking the Nokia logo on them. The BT SIG didn’t reveal much but could indicate that the earphones are almost ready to be distributed around the world (hopefully since now those could be exclusive just for the Asia-Pacific region). Listing dates of BT radios do reveal that earbuds are newly designed product, while E1200 headset is using a BT radio from 2018 which was made by Beken.

Anyway, since Nokia Mobile is having trouble selling its own audio accessories, it will be interesting to see if RichGo will make a deal with Nokia and Nokia Mobile and maybe cover that part of the business for Nokia Mobile. There is also a possibility that RichGo will take the audio accessories market from Nokia Mobile and prosper there since a lot of Nokia owners would like to get their hands on Nokia branded earphones.

One information is still missing here, and that is will Nokia be licensing some OZO Audio technology to RichGo… So far, Nokia seems to be licensing their name only since the audio quality and sound will be taken care of by Qualcomm according to the official product page.

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