Nokia Mobile to announce gaming headset

Nokia CB -301 or Noki Comm Band Pro is a new audio headset that Nokia Mobile plans to introduce soon. I’m not so much into gaming, but these headphones with a microphone sure look like it can be used in online games or many in some industries or other businesses.

Nokia CB -301 has just passed the FCC and strangely enough, all documents including external and internal photos, as well as the user manual, have been posted online. The headphone or headset has a similar shape to the Nokia Wired, except for the com band on the left driver. The 400 mAh battery is enough for all-day calls and can (finally) be charged via USB-c. It seems that the head pad and ear cup are interchangeable, and the headset offers a low-latency mode as well as a gaming and video mode.

The headphones seem to have a nice design with comfortable ear cups that have a large acoustic chamber for good audio quality. The volume rocker has protrusions so you can easily distinguish the functions. This will be useful for gamers and all people who talk on the phone all day. It seems to me that Nokia Mobile won’t be targeting gamers but rather businesses with these, however, it is nice to see that low latency mode is supported.