Contest alert: Unboxing of a Noreve handmade leather case for Nokia 9 PureView

Good buddies of ours from the French company Noreve, which is located in a beautiful city of Saint Tropez, have sent us a special edition of the Nokia 9 PureView protective. The case is hand made out of fine leather that is glued to the thermoplastic cradle. The cradle has a cutout for the power button and a volume controls on left, a cutout for the charger and speaker on the bottom, and another cutout on the top for the SIM door and a microphone. At the back, you can see the large opening for the penta camera setup and a microphone, and to make this case even more special (or not), Noreve placed the Nokiamob logo at the back. If you check the Noreve webpages, you’ll see that there are cases for many Nokia smartphones, and there are also different types of cases for each model. A good example is the flip one we have for our Nokia 7 Plus.

The indigo color will fit nicely the Nokia 9 PureView, but the only problem here is that we never got a Nokia 9 PureView. I like this case so much that I would keep it for myself, but it is better to let it protect one Nokia 9 PureView. So, to make someone’s New Year better, I decided to send this one to the Nokiamobster that has Nokia 9 PureView, and is a supporter of Nokiamob, since the only way you won’t mind seeing Nokiamob at the back of the case :). To verify that you are the owner of the Nokia 9 PureView, you will have to take a photo where the reflection of the Nokia 9 PV can be seen. The most creative photo will get this €60 worth Noreve case for Nokia 9 PureView that you can see in the post. To check if you are a proper Nokiamobster, we’ll check if you liked our Twitter and Fb account (but don’t worry if you are not on those social networks).

This contest is for the EU countries since all of our Google money is going for the server and a bit for MWC2020. But, this doesn’t stop all the others to send us great photos and celebrate the fact that they own a Nokia 9 PV.

If you don’t win this case, then head to Noreve web store and pick a case for you.