Nokia 5.4 gets Nokia Entertainment Flip Cover (CP-254) too

Nokia Entertainment Flip Cover is a protective case with a flip cover that has an internal credit card sized pocket. This cover can also serve as a stand for your Nokia smartphone, which is handy when watching videos or showing photos to your friends and family.

Nokia Mobile still didn’t announce the Nokia Entertainment Flip Cover for its latest smartphone Nokia 5.4, but Strax did on its webshop. The case body is made of transparent polycarbonate plastic, which is coated with premium looking polyurethane. The case (CP-254) is the same as the one for Nokia 3.4, which is logical since the body of Nokia 5.4 and 3.4 share the same dimensions.

Nokia’s official page is not showing the Flip case yet, probably because Strax doesn’t have it in stock on their webshop. But, once it becomes available, you should be able to get it in black only for  24.90 €.

This confirms that Strax started manufacturing official Nokia accessories, so we should be able to see it more frequently in the retail stores or on webshops.