Strax and HMD Global to develop and distribute new Nokia branded accessories

Strax and HMD Global partnered together to jointly develop and distribute a range of new Nokia-branded accessories. This partnership will be including the recently-announced Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker and protective cases for some of the latest Nokia smartphones.
Strax is a company that specializes in the design, production, and delivery of mobile accessories. They are headquartered in Troisdorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, but have offices around the world. The company is working already with Adidas on some accessories and is the owner of audio accessories brand Urbanista.
Nokia Mobile finally started investing more in accessories, and they even have the Head of Accessories at HMD Global position, which is running Alex Lambeek.


I’m looking forward to seeing more useful products like Nokia Power Earbuds and portable speakers, which can help strengthen the brand. Hopefully, Strax has the resources to manufacture good quality accessories. Maybe more important than the resources could be the ability of Strax to make the Nokia accessories more visible in the market, and Strax seems to have the means to do this since they have a wide variety of products sold through different channels. There are some good quality Nokia accessories that are still nowhere to be found in the market, and this partnership is a step in a good direction.

Thanks Thomas Verbraken for the tip 😉