History of Nokia cameraphones revisited in an ultimate PureView camera comparison

If you are an old fan and user of Nokia smartphones, then you are probably acquainted with the PureView camera technology and what a big leap it was when introduced back in 2012. Nokia was always interested in creating a great mobile phone shooter, ever since N95, or N86, but Sony Ericsson did a better job with mega-popular K750. Anyway, with Nokia N8 things got better for Nokia, and shortly after Nokia 808 came which was, and probably still is, one of the best smartphone camera shooters up to date. Then the PureView took a slight detour towards OIS with Lumia 920, and a better camera lens system with Lumia 925. Later the Nokia 909 or better known as Nokia Lumia 1020 came and combined everything in the camera sensor, the large sensor, OIS, shutter, and oversampling software. Finally, things got slimmer and tuned with Lumia 950 XL, but that was the end of PureView.

Nokia Mobile did try to restore the PureView brand with Nokia 9 PureView, but the device isn’t a complete shooter, rather a great photography tool, while video recording and night shots can still be improved a lot.
Anyway, if you would recap the history, I recommend watching a nicely done video by Aboodesta, a nickname that has been showing a lot on Mynokiablog back in the days of glory.

For the photo comparison, Aboodesta chose the most groundbreaking devices, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 1020, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, and Nokia 9 PureView. I don’t want to show all the photos here because cropping it won’t give you the best perception of the quality, so do check out the video.

Instead, let’s summarize and say that Nokia 808 PV is still capable of taking great shots, but newer phones have much better software which makes their cameras more usable. Lumia 1020 oversaturates the photos which don’t make photos look natural. Nokia 9 PV is making great daylight shots, but night shots are super bad and camera software is full of bugs. The best of the tested devices were according to Aboodesta Microsoft Lumia 950 XL which is according to him still a nice phone, quick and reliable. But, the question is can Nokia Mobile make the true successor of Nokia’s great but vanishing camera dominance history?

I have nice collection of Nokia phones, but I like Aboodesta’s collection more 🙂


Cheers Aboodesta for sharing this video. Keep it coming 😉