Vietnam and Singapore first markets to see the Nokia 8110 4G this month; Other markets following soon after

The new Nokia 8110 4G, announced back at Mobile World Congress 2018 in February, should start making its way to the first markets by the end of this month. CNet reports that the first markets to get the new Nokia 8110 4G will be in Asia, and more precisely – Singapore and Vietnam. The price of the device for the two mentioned markets will be around 80 dollars (67 euros), with availability later this month.

Nokia’s first 4G-enabled feature phone set for global availability should soon, after becoming available in Singapore and Vietnam, hit new markets. The Nokia 8110 4G runs on KaiOS, and features 4G LTE connectivity, WiFi, and a banana-like design, just like the original model that was most famous for appearing in the movie Matrix. From preloaded apps the 8110 comes with Facebook, Twitter and some Google apps, like Google Assistant, Google Search and Google Maps, and, of course, Snake.

The global price set by Nokia Mobile is 79 euros before taxes and subsides for this device.

via: myNokia.ri 

source: CNet