Nokia TA-1221 Armstrong getting ready for the US market

Nokia Mobile is preparing most likely new phones for US-based operators. Just recently 5 new models of what are most likely going to be affordable smartphones exclusive for some US operators are getting the latest certificates. 

New Nokia smartphone models are TA-1222 and TA-1218, TA-1221, TA-1226, and TA-1231. Those two phones might share the same hardware, but the software details could be different.


The WiFi certificate suggests that the processor might be coming from MediaTek, and the FCC documents revealed that the device will have a removable battery. The BT SIG certificate showed that both devices will have BT 5.0 which is nice since the device is most likely an affordable one.

Here is what we know about this device so far:

  • Model: TA-1221, TA-1226, TA-1218, TA-1231
  • Code name: Armstrong
  • Extra: FM Radio
  • Connectivity: BT 5.0, WiFi b/g/n, LTE, GNSS
  • Battery: Removable
  • Software: Android 10 (0CUS_1_100)

To check more details about the certificates check FCC, BT SIG, and WiFi Alliance pages.