Video: When Nokia made the best phones

Nokia Lumia 930

Through-out its history in the phone business, Nokia no doubt made some of the most iconic and memorable phones. This tradition definitely continued as the dawn of the touchscreen devices took over, and look no further than the beginning of the last decade for devices that left a huge mark in innovation and build quality. Devices such as the iconic Nokia N8, with its anodized aluminum body and colorful design, as well as its unique 12-megapixel camera. Or the Nokia N9, which was the first all-touch device that completely changed the game by completely abandoning any buttons in favor of gestures. Or the game-changing 808 PureView, the first camera phone to completely rewrite the rules of mobile photography with its insane 41 megapixels and oversampling. Nokia arguably made their best devices when they had to innovate in order to survive, which explains why phones like the Lumia 920 was released with OIS for the first time ever on a phone, or wireless charging.

The sad truth of that golden era is that despite these enormous efforts, none of these phones managed to save the brand from the lack of apps ecosystem, which was the only thing their competition definitely had an upper hand in. Nevertheless, we might not have seen Nokia be forced to be so innovative if they were still the number 1 selling phone brand during that era, so at least there is that. Does anyone remember how terribly cheap Samsung android phones were back then? They still sold more than anyone else outside of Apple!

Anyways, in this video I showcase my phone collection from the last decade starting from 2010 with the Nokia N8, all the way until the Lumia 950 XL. I also try and explain what made every device from that era so special, and do my best to try and capture the charm that we desperately need in new Nokia device. Enjoy!

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