Nokia 7.2 ads popping up in Finland

When Nokia Mobile launched the latest Nokia devices, they mentioned that the design of Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 was a tribute to Nokia’s nordic roots. And Nokia Mobile nailed it with the design since the phone does bring simplified body lines and warmth at the same time raising from the past some forgotten shapes like Nokia Lumia 830 camera module. Anyway, the phone might have a nordic design, but without proper marketing, the people living in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland won’t be aware of its existence.

Nokia people just tipped us with photos of Nokia 7.2 being advertised on the streets of Finnish cities. It is nice to see this midrange phone being advertised, especially in Forest Green color which looks more interesting than Charcoal we got.
What is up with the Nokia ads in your countries, do you see Nokia advertised? I can’t remember when was the last time I saw a Nokia ad in Croatia, but we are a small market and probably not so interesting for Nokia Mobile. Do take a picture of a Nokia ad of any kind and post it in the comments. Let’s see it what shape and were Nokia Mobile is advertising its products.

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