New Nokia devices TA-1222 and TA-1226 certified by BT SIG

New Nokia devices that passed the FCC certification process, TA-1222 and TA-1226, also got certified by BT SIG. The model TA-1222 won’t be coming alone and it is followed by TA-1218, TA-1221, and TA-1231 which marks the different markets, not the devices. All of the models will be featuring BT 5.0, which suggests a smartphone, and BT 5.0 is also featured with the TA-1222.

Both devices are coming with software designed for the US market, and TA-1222 could be heading for Cricket.
Nokia Mobile is bringing new devices, which is nice to hear, and these could be a replacement for the Nokia 2V and Nokia 3.1 C that were announced exclusively for Verizon and Cricket in the US. But you know that assumptions are never good, so we’ll wait for more info that should be coming in the following weeks since BT and FCC certificates suggest that those devices are ready for the announcement.


BT SIG TA-1222 / TA-1226, TA-1221, TA-1231, TA-1218