New Nokia model TA-1165 passed Bluetooth certification

The new Nokia model just passed the BT certification. The model TA-1165 is a smartphone according to the released application and it will be coming with Android OS (00WW_0_050) and Bluetooth 4.2. The BT hardware suggests this is a low-end Nokia device. So, Nokia Mobile is most probably gonna be showing more than two devices at the next event, two smartphones, and one feature phone according to the latest released certifications.
We already saw TA-1205/1212/1234 being certified by EEC, TA-1208 passed the BT certification together with Nokia TA-1177. Nokia TA-1206, which is a dual SIM version of TA-1214 passed the FCC certification. Now we could be seeing at least three different phones, but soon the time will tell.

Bluetooth certification