Official: New Nokia devices coming on 6th June #GetAhead; Maybe with Night Mode?

Nokia Mobile confirmed via their official Twitter profile that we can expect new Nokia Devices on 6th June, when a launch event will be held under the slogan #GetAhead.


On the teaser posted on Twitter, we can just see a camera with mountains covered in snow at night displayed. I’m not sure what this short video is trying to tell us, but around the same time Nokia Anew tweeted that the rumored Night Mode is basically ready and with the teaser displaying the mountains at night with a sky full of stars, mentioning a new light in the Tweet, maybe Nokia Mobile is teasing night mode on upcoming phones.


The phones that could get announced in less than a week are Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 5.2. We will have to wait for Thursday, 6th June to really see what Nokia Mobile has to offer. We are still not sure where the main event will be held, because Nokia Mobile is holding an event in Italy and India on the same day.