Nokia TA-1214 model got certified by the FCC

The new Nokia phone model TA-1214 has just passed the certification process of the FCC agency. The device is described as a marked Multi-band GSM/WCDMA/LTE phone with Bluetooth and WLAN. The documents revealed that the device will have a WT240 battery which we saw previously at Nokia TA-1164, or the Nokia 3.2. The capacity is manufactured by Jiade Energy Technology and has a capacity of 3920 mAh.

The fact that the documents are mentioning WiFi, BT, LTE, and not the NFC could suggest that we could be seeing an affordable smartphone. Funnily, the device will be coming with the same HS-34 earphones as Nokia 7.2.

If you want to snoop more in the published FCC documents, do check here.