Unknown Nokia TA-1208 passed the BT certification

The New Nokia model TA-1208 just passed the BT SIG certification process. The phone will be coming with Bluetooth 4.2, which means it is most probably an affordable smartphone, or eventually feature phone. The software version number 0.1922.10.02 resembles the number of a previously released Nokia features phones like 800 Tough or 2720 flip which could suggest this one is also a feature phone. The hardware version of the device is HW 0141.
Anyway, the device is getting ready for the announcement which is good and it seems that Nokia Mobile will be doing a standard practice of showing a new feature phone(s) together with the new smartphones.

So, the new Nokia models that we are waiting currently are Nokia 8.2, 5.2, 2.3 and new feature phone. Sounds interesting, just the right amount of new Nokia phones. Now, if they could bring them to the stores before Christmas, that would be super cool.


Source droidshout / BT SIG