Unboxing of Nokia 7.2

Good guys from Nokia Mobile have sent us a Nokia 7.2 for a test and review. Naturally, unboxing starts first, so let’s do it.
We got a charcoal version with a 4/64 GB memory arrangement. Nokia 7.2 comes in a fine solid cardboard box with a classic Nokia handshake photo upfront which is framed with the phone. The transparent whitish Nokia logo dominates the front, and below you can see the model name and Android One logo in case you don’t know it’s an Android-powered smartphone.

At the side, the model name and Android logo are printed in a glossy blueprint which looks nice. At the back, you can see all the important hardware specs listed as well as the logos of partners. There is also Nokia 7.2 but strangely in a different color than it is in the boxy. It would be nice if Nokia Mobile could adjust the print to the color of the device. Then they wouldn’t need to place a sticker that tells which color version is inside.

The box we got is not a retail one, so it came opened and with a hundred quick guides. besides the phone, you’ll find boxed a longer SIM door pin, which is placed in the cardboard cradle, and a box with a CH-21E 10W charger, a meter-long USB/USB-c charging cable and Nokia HS-34 basic earphones. It would be cool if Nokia Mobile boxed a clear silicone case for the phone like they did with 7 Plus.

Here are some photos of the phone.

Also, check out the unboxing video.

Here are some bonus photos I took as soon as I was done with unboxing. I lowered the resolution not to kill the server :). Original photos are between 2.8 and 3 MB in size.

Well, Nokia 7.2 is here with us, so fire away your questions. I’ll give my best to answer all you need or want to know about this phone.