Nokia X6 could be called Nokia 6.1 plus in Hong Kong and beyond

Ever since Nokia X6 appeared in China, featuring great specifications at a low price (and a notch), Nokia Mobile received a ton of request via social media to bring the device outside China. My observations about the Nokia X6 were when it first appeared that HMD sacrificed the Nokia 6.1 in China to test a more aggressive approach in the Chinese market, and to extend on that point – wherever the Nokia X6 appears next, it will either be more expensive than the Nokia 6.1 in that market or the sales of Nokia 6.1 will be sacrificed just like in China. HMD cannot do that on a global level, because such an approach isn’t sustainable.

Nokia Camp reports, citing Hong Kong’s mobilemagazinehk, that Nokia X6 is coming to Hong Kong, a Chinese autonomous territory and that it will be called there Nokia 6.1 Plus. The device should go on sale there, according to the report, on 19th July.

Google Play – list of supported devices

HMD calling the Nokia X6 with Google Play framework as “Nokia 6.1 Plus” suggest that device could go beyond China (and Hong Kong). In support of that goes the recently discovered variants of the Nokia X6 that passed Bluetooth SIG. Another indicator of the name change is the list of supported Android Devices for Google play, where the Nokia X6 (identified because of the FIH codename “DRG”) is named as “Nokia 6.1 Plus” with FIH codename “DRG_sprout”.


There were previous reports of a “Nokia 6.1 Plus” appearing as an “AR-core” supported device, but Juho Sarvikas, HMD CPO, refuted that claiming that it was a typo. In that PDF, we have the same codenames for Nokia X6 and Nokia 6.1 plus.

So, we still don’t know if the Nokia X6 will go outside China or how it will be priced. Pricing seems to be crucial for the Nokia X6, so it will be interesting to see how HMD will balance that.

Thanks Amal for the tips. 🙂