Nokia 2.2 is now in Android Enterprise Recommended club

Nokia 2.2 is the latest Nokia phone to join the exclusive Android Enterprise Recommended club of Nokia devices. It may be surprising for this ultra-affordable smartphone to be included on the list, but when you see its specs it seems more like a midrange phone than an affordable one. Nokia 2.2 might be an excellent business phone since it has a rather light Android One, decent camera, and good battery life. Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel did a nice review of the device that clearly shows how Nokia 2.2 can take you through the day with ease. This makes it a great deal for companies to cover their workers with a competent but affordable smartphone. We’ll gladly confirm this when a device lands for a review :).

So, Nokia Mobile has now again 14 devices branded with the Android Enterprise Recommended badge:

  1. Nokia 9 PureView
  2. Nokia 8.1
  3. Nokia 8 Sirocco
  4. Nokia 8
  5. Nokia 7.1
  6. Nokia 7 Plus
  7. Nokia 6.1 Plus
  8. Nokia 5.1 Plus
  9. Nokia 5.1 (32 GB)
  10. Nokia 4.2
  11. Nokia 3.2 (32 GB)
  12. Nokia 3.1 Plus (32 GB)
  13. Nokia 3.1 (32 GB)
  14. Nokia 2.2

You can see that devices like Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 were taken from the list probably because those are over two years old and are replaced with newer models. In a few months, Nokia 8 might be taken from the list also.

Source Nokioteca