Nokia Mobile’s Head of Comms chosen as a Woman Disruptor in the field of Corporate Communications

March 8 is just one day dedicated to all the women in the world, which are a significant power of modern society and many families. But women have many days in the year and our lifetime, and we should be considerate about them during the year. Anyway, to celebrate women that are making significant changes in the world of business in India, Adgully announced the winners of the Woman Disruptors for 2020, and the Head of Communication at Nokia Mobile was chosen as the woman disruptor in the area of Corporate Communication.

Risha Magu has been with Nokia Mobile for a long time now, and I must say that she is a cheerful, caring, and utterly professional person that sincerely deserved to be chosen as a women disruptor in India. Risha also said that this award is a nice wrap of the professional career she had with Nokia and HMD Global that is running the Nokia Mobile project. HMD Global posted on LinkedIn back in January that they are in a search of new Global Communication Officer, and it seems that they finally found one since Risha announced she will be leaving the company.

We wish Risha Magu all the best in her future endeavours and hope that her successor will be as good as she was.