Nokia to deliver the world’s first 5G-based network for automated trains

You can’t appreciate the GSM-R networking systems well enough if you haven’t experienced the fast internet while traveling by train. Nokia has been doing a great job in providing networking, cybersecurity, IoT and analytics solutions to more than 110+ operators for both mainline and metro rail. That was recognized by Deutsche Bahn and Nokia won its tender to test and deliver the standalone (SA) 5G system for automated rail operation. The world’s first (SA) 5G system will be tested in Hamburg, Germany. The main idea is to test highly automated trains that should be operating on a 23-kilometer section of the S-Bahn Line 21 starting from Berliner Tor. Those trains will be having train drivers on board who will keep the safety responsibility.

Interestingly, Nokia won this tender shortly after it halted all the legal actions against Daimler and to company, which happened after the new Chair of Nokia’s board was announced. Coincidence or not, this is a great deal for Nokia that will surely improve its position in this area of business.

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