Nice video: A day with the Nokia 2.2

Arun from Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel, thanks to Nokia Mobile, spent a day with the new Nokia 2.2 as his primary device. During the 24h with the Nokia 2.2, he takes us to the ZOO in his video, showing some capabilities of the 2.2 regarding performance, screen, battery life and camera.


In the video, Arun shows that the Nokia 2.2 has a fairly decent screen, good performance and above average camera capabilities for its price class. Arun also edited the shot photos, showing you can achieve photos ready for social media on this sub 100 euro device. The Nokia 2.2 also endured the whole day like a champ, showing that a efficient SoC in combination with a lower resolution screen (HD+, which isn’t bad) and probably some software optimization can produce solid battery life.


The 3000mAh battery sits under the removable XpressOn cover, so you can always buy a second battery and carry it with you just to be sure. A removable back cover (and battery) is something I would like to see on more powerful smartphones as well. Not only is it easier to replace the battery once the old one degrades under a tolerable point, but you can get really creative in personalizing the device with back covers instead of just putting the phone in a generic silicone case.

The Nokia 2.2 for sure cannot replace Arun’s Galaxy S10 5G, but users that don’t demand much from their smartphone and want a reliable device might want to keep an eye on the Nokia 2.2. Unfortunately, without reviewing the phone we cannot recommend it, but the 2.2 looks like a solid phone, especially with the 3 years of promised security updates, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

What do you think of the device and the video? Do we have any Nokia 2.2 users that can weight in how the 2.2 performs in the comments down below? 🙂

Thanks Vanja for the tip. 🙂