Clear cases for Nokia 8.1 Plus available on Amazon?

Early in 2019, OnLeaks released the first renders of a Nokia device with hole punch display, and he referred to it as Nokia 8.1 Plus, although the name still needed to be confirmed. Later Nokia Anew said that the device could easily be Nokia 6.2 and that HMD Global is not planning its announcement on MWC19 so they could focus on Nokia 9 Pureview. That indeed happened but in the meantime, we still didn’t get any solid info about the devices name. Since HMD said it is dropping the Plus in the naming scheme, and some other OEMs introduced this kind of display in their midrange lineup, I also assumed that Nokia with a hole-punch display could turn out to be Nokia 6.2.

Anyway, if you search the web for Nokia 8.1 cases, you might easily stumble upon the cases for Nokia 8.1 Plus as well for $8. Apparently, not only OnLeaks thinks that Nokia with the hole-punch display is going to be called 8.1 Plus. The device there looks the same as on the renders OnLeaks released, and the back resembles the latest design approach that HMD used for Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1.

In the end, the name of the device is less important than the date we are going to see. According to the buildup of renders used for silicone cases on the webshops of various sellers, the announcement of Nokia 6.2/8.1 Plus is close.