Rumors: Nokia 6.2 with punch hole display might not come to MWC19

The device with the potentially newest possible screen hardware HMD could use, probably won’t be announced at MWC19 – the center of the tech world for the next week. As Nokia Anew shared via Twitter, the launch of Nokia 6.2, that will feature the punch hole display as seen on previously posted renders, will take place after Mobile World Congress 2019.


Nokia Anew says that HMD wants to focus on Nokia 9 at MWC19. Considering Nokia 9 has a notchless display with normal bezels, that might be overshadowed by the “advanced” punch hole display on the midranger. I don’t know how smart this is. Announcing the best camera phone and an attractive midrange device seems better than announcing just a cameraphone device, at least to me.

Of course, if the 6.2 isn’t ready, it shouldn’t be rushed to the market. Holding another event just to announce the Nokia 6.2 is in HMD’s style considering all the small launch events we had in the second half of 2018. Also, keep in mind that all of this is in the sphere of rumors.

HMD’s #GetSmart launch event is on Sunday and you find links to follow the announcement of new Nokia phones here.