JerryRigEverything does disassembly video of Nokia 6800

Zack from JerryRigEverything has been in favor of Nokia phones lately, and the reason for that probably originates in time of his first mobile phone. Zack’s first mobile phone was pretty futuristic for the time Nokia 6800 with a flippable keyboard that would turn the phone into full qwerty one. And that was back in 2004 when Nokia was doing small technical miracles with every phone released. That was also an era when you could easily disassemble phones by purchasing a set of Torx screwdriver set. Zack just posted a video where he dismantled its Nokia 6800 and showed us the internals of the phone, the flipping mechanism and how easy and well was everything done more than a decade ago without glue holding everything in place.

What was your first Nokia you disassembled? Can you remember? I know that I was playing a lot with my N95 8GB since I needed to change a damaged cover.