Call recording option available in India for 14 Nokia devices


Not so long ago, users of Nokia smartphones in India noticed a new feature in Google’s Phone app coming with the Android 10 update. The feature is Call recording, and it allows users to record the calls and later re-listen all the important information they needed to hear. To use this option, you only need to call someone and press the Record button in the dialling screen of the Phone app.


Anyway, this option is available only in India so far, and the number of eligible devices is growing, but your device needs to be updated to Android 10.

Here is the list of 14 devices that received this feature:
Nokia 9 PureView,
Nokia 8.1,
Nokia 8 Sirocco,
Nokia 7.2,
Nokia 7.1,
Nokia 7 Plus,
Nokia 6.2,
Nokia 6.1,
Nokia 6.1 Plus,
Nokia 4.2,
Nokia 3.2,
Nokia 3.1 Plus,
Nokia 2.3
Nokia 2.2.

In the rest of the world, this feature is not available (yet), but I’m wondering do you find this feature useful? I know that I would probably forget to hit the record button, and there is that thing we have in Europe called GDPR :).