Nokia Mobile updated its Android update tracker

Nokia Mobile updated its Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary web page. If you didn’t know from before, on that page you can track if the latest security update has been released for your Nokia smartphone. The refreshed content on the tracking page showed that Nokia 6.1 is running the August security patch, and some other recent updates were added too. It is commendable that Nokia Mobile is updating the content of the tracker. The only thing not good about it is the low frequency of the page updates. In the meantime you can check if the updates have been released on our tracking page we started a few months ago. This page is updated every time users around the world report the update availability and verify it with a screenshot, not regarding the market version of the smartphone. You have been doing a great job in informing the owners of Nokia smartphones for the availability of security patches or Build updates, and thank you for that. You people rock!

To check the official Nokia Mobile tracker page head here.
To check our tracker page go here.

Cheers Nokiamob lover for the tip!