Video: Nokia 7.3 | Lets Speculate!

7.3 render

Over the last couple of weeks we started seeing some hints and leaks appear over the highly anticipated Nokia 7.3. The last of these leaks are the photos from the Bond movie set showing an unknown Nokia device that resembles the Nokia 5.3, but not quite the same.

So I wanted to create a video talking about the specs that we can expect from upcoming Nokia 7.3, trying to build a picture of what it will pack based on the rumours and how it slots in within Nokia mobile’s current line up. You can watch the video below:

My predicted specs:

  • Display: 6.5″ 1080p | 90Hz LCD
  • Processor: SD690 5G | Adreno 619
  • Internals: 4GB RAM | 64GB Storage + SD slot
  • Cameras: 48 megapixels main | 8 megapixels ultra wide | 2 or 5 megapixels macro | 2 megapixels depth Ziess optics
  • Battery: 4000 – 4300 mAh
  • Price: $399 USD

Announcement: September 2020 (IFA?)

Nokia always paid a lot of attention to the 7 series of devices if you guys can remember. In the Lumia days we had excellent devices such as the Lumia 720 which was the first phone to have a camera with an aperture of f/1.9, and then its solid follow up the Lumia 730. Before that, the N series 70 range were always very competitive upper midrange devices with cool specs. Devices such as the N70 and N73 come to mind. Even the E series had some excellent offerings in the 7 range. Phones like the E70, E72, and E7. When HMD took over, the 7 series of devices has been a mixed bag. From the excellent 7 plus, to the let down of the 7.1, to the flawed 7.2. I’m hoping the 7.3 will be able to bring back the charm to this critical series of devices for Nokia mobile. But, I’m also hoping they will change their ind about using 2MP sensor for macro camera and go for at least 5 MP.

Anyways, what would you like to see HMD focus on with the 7 series? Anything you would like to see on the 7.3? Lets discuss in the comments.

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