JerryRigEverything: Nokia 7 Plus is the most durable and repairable budget phone of 2018

Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything which is run by Zack Nelson, does the torture of the latest smartphones to tell us which one is durable and which one is a complete flop. After a whole year of testing various phones, upon which a few of them were Nokia smartphones, Zack declared the winners of the different categories which you can find listed below.


Nokia smartphones won two JRE categories. The Most Repairable phone of 2018 were Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 because it is quite easy to replace their screens which is the thing that cracks first on today’s smartphones. Nokia 7 Plus was proclaimed the winner of Most Durable Budget phone category because of its smart and quite rigid design. This phone didn’t flex at all thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame.

Here is the list of all the categories and winners

  • Most Repairable phone of 2018: The Nokia 7 Plus And Nokia 6.1
  • Least Repairable phone of 2018: iPhone XS Max
  • Most innovative phone of 2018: Vivo Nex S Clear Edition
  • Best looking phone from the inside: Pixel 3 Transparent Edition
  • Most durable Budget phone: Nokia 7 Plus; 2nd place Poco Phone
  • Least durable Smartphone: Oppo Find X; 2nd place Mate 20 Pro

Definitely check out Zacks video below.

Good job HMD. As Zack mentioned, Nokia is jet to build the weakest phone, but Zack didn’t test all the phones Nokia made. It would be interesting to see how glass sandwich Nokia phones would withstand his durability tests.

It is nice to see when the €1000 or more phone is declared as the least durable or least repairable of 2018. That makes you appreciate Nokia 7 Plus even more :).

Thanks, Z4N7 for the tip :).