HMD proudly shows how easily G42 is repaired

Nokia Mobile has recently published a helpful video on YouTube demonstrating how easy it is to disassemble the Nokia G42 and replace the parts that are most likely to malfunction or break. The quick repairability it offers is a valuable option, as I believe that everyone should be capable of handling these tasks themselves.

Be sure to check out the video.


Our fast-paced lives have made us increasingly reliant on others for various skills, and we’ve lost some of the hands-on tech exploration that we used to enjoy. I recall the good old days when I would disassemble and reassemble my Nokia N70 just for the fun of it. Well, smartphones from 2005 were built a bit differently back then.

While smartphones are a bit more complex, and there are things inside that look fragile, the Nokia G42, like the G22, comes with a warranty that covers tinkering with the device. So, even if you accidentally damage something, it can be easily repaired under warranty.

I know some will say that by doing things ourselves, we are killing small service centers, but I think we should embrace DIY fixes to avoid losing touch with inner tech skills :).


Additionally, HMD also created an ‘HMD Reacts’ video, which showcases the reactions of HMD’s designers and technicians as they watch repair videos found on TikTok. The aim of the video is to show that you don’t need to do crazy things to repair phones like G42.

Some pretty unusual things can be found on TikTok, especially when it comes to smartphone repairs. Perhaps there are videos of people attempting to repair the Nokia G42. Well, I’m almost ready to publish one myself :). An investment in Torx screws I did a long time ago finally paid off.