Video: Unboxing of Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 1 (plus one bonus video)

Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1, and the Nokia 1 is finally with us and we are brutally testing almost every aspect of those phones. Of course, you are welcome to give us some specific task to test, if it won’t avoid the warranty of provided phones. Usually, the tests start with unboxing, so you can find unboxing videos of all the phones below.

Nokia 7 plus



Nokia 6.1




Nokia 1


HMD provided silicone cover for the 7 plus, and the same is for Nokia 8 Sirocco. That does give those devices a touch of upper mid or high class. Silicone case for Nokia 7 plus is done nicely, it fits the phone perfectly even though the microphone hole ant the back is not placed above precisely. I didn’t find any problem with sound recording, though. Headphones of the 7 plus are decent enough, better quality than the WH-108, provided with the Nokia 6.1 and Nokia. I find it strange that HMD didn’t pack the Nokia Stereo earphones, but those without classic Nokia model number. Anyway, they are branded with Nokia, so probably are not sold for other brands.

Nokia 7 is with me, while Stipe took Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 1. We have posted photos made by cameras of those devices on our twitter account, and Instagram account, so you can check them there. If you don’t have a Twitter or Instagram, here are some shots were taken with Nokia 7 plus (quality reduced because of the server space).

Nokia 6.1 is a beautiful phone, especially in silver / red color that came for a test. Nokia 1 is a gorgeous device that reminded me a bit of Nokia 3310 (2017). This is mostly because of the blue color it came, and white borders around the front side and camera. But, when you hold those two devices in your hand, feeling they are leaving is the same. They are solid, nicely designed phones that will grow to your heart. Here is a short comparison video between those two.

Anyway, if you have any questions about the devices, just leave the comment below. I’d love to hear what you think of them.


P.S. Unboxing filmed with Nokia 6 (2017)