Nokia shareholders confrim no dividend for 2019 and Sari Baldauf as the new Chair of the Board

On May 27th, Nokia held the Annual General Meeting for shareholders where the owners of the comapny decided to accept the proposals that the board of directors put forth.

The two most interesting points that the shareholders accepted, and Nokia mentioned in the official email sent afterwards, is the resolution not to pay out dividends for the year of 2019. Dividends are parts of company’s profit divided per share and payed out to shareholders, and they represent an important aspect of owning shares of some company, alongside the actual share price.

The second resolution is the acceptance of the proposed list of board members, with the board members electing Sari Baldauf as the new Chair of the Board. The previous Chair, Risto Siilasma who led Nokia throught the transformation from a phones and a networks to a focused networks company, stepped down from the Board after 12 years.

In March, Nokia also announced a new CEO – Pekka Lundmark, who will succeeded Rajeev Suri on 31st August. Suri was an integral part in restructuring Nokia Networks, and latter the whole company as he was appointed CEO after the sale of the historic Devices and Services business.