#Nokia 8 costs £499 in the #UK; Delivery by 13th September, with free #Steel smartwatch

Recently we covered the story that the Nokia 8, in some markets, will come with a surprisingly lower price, than HMD announced. To be precise, the 8 will be available in UAE and Saudi Arabia for under €400, that’s significantly lower than the €600 announced price tag.

A surprise pricing happened in the United Kingdom, too. Historically, manufacturers would announce their device price in dollars, that would be converted in a 1:1:1 ratio in Euros and Pounds, that’s far from the real market ratio between these currencies.

In the UK, Nokia 8 will cost £499 or €549, that is lower than in the rest of Europe, and overall a surprising pricing, because prices of gadgets in the UK tend to be higher than in other countries of Europe. The Nokia 8 can be pre-orderd at Clove and Carphone Warehouse, both delivering the device around 13th September and offering it in Steel and Tempered Blue colors.

Carphone Warehouse additionally offers the Nokia Steel watch worth £120 (€129) if you buy the Nokia 8 on a pay monthly or upgrade contract or SIM free. “Just select the pay monthly deal that’s right for you and you’ll see the watch in your basket, alternatively if you purchase SIM free the watch will not appear in your basket but it will be sent to you once your handset has been delivered,” says the retailer.

I think it is a great way for both Nokia Technologies and HMD Global to sell their devices bundled, and it is always nice to see a lower than expected price. Hopefully this trend will continue on other markets as well.


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CarphoneWarehouse.com (Nokia 8 + Steel Watch)