Nokia 3.4 and 5.4 receiving security updates


Nah, Nokia 5.4 is still not getting what it deserves, and owners should settle with the May security patch that is also arriving to Nokia 3.4.

The update for Nokia 5.4 is 29.92 MB in size and should be available globally according to you dear folks tipping from various countries around the globe.

The update for Nokia 3.4 is available globally and also here in Croatia with 45.09MB of security code. The update is bringing a May security patch, even though June is entering its other half.

Do check your 5.4 and 3.4, as well as other Nokia phones and report back if security or some other updates are available. I know that Nokia XR20, Nokia 8.3, Nokia G21, Nokia T20 and Nokia G50 are still not seeing June patches.

While some don’t care a lot about these monthly security patches, I care about them being addressed as the monthly ones. It is obvious that manufacturers are often late with them, and the best example is Qualcomm still not being able to release a security patch for their only phone above January 2022. If Google is finding it necessary to patch its OS on a monthly basis, updates should be coming regularly every some 10 days after Google announces them.

However, due to a large number of models, many manufacturers like Nokia Mobile can’t reach the monthly release schedule and they are usually late. The best solution would be a quarterly release schedule, or just stop emphasizing them.


Thanks to all who tipped!!!


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