HMD starts offering Nokia smartphones to business users

If we go all the way back to Windows Phone 7.5 and latter to Windows Phone 8(.1), Nokia Lumia devices were always popular with business users. In the early days, the exclusive Office applications, unique Here navigation, a secure OS and good looking devices attracted a lot of business users, especially in UK where Nokia scored 20% of UK’s business phone market share. Surely the OS played a (major?) role for business users, but judging by the latest move by HMD, they think the Nokia brand played a significant role too.

On their international website, HMD created a page for companies interested in adopting the new Nokia Android devices for business use. HMD taunts pure and up-to-date Android across the whole portfolio as an advantage, together with easy EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution deployment and support for “Zero-touch” enrollment on Android Oreo devices.

I stumbled today across an interesting article from IDC predicting many B2B (Business-to-Business) announcements from leading mobile vendors at MWC this year. IDC puts out interesting facts about the mobile in enterprise, like the fact that a half of companies spend €400 for a business device. In 70% companies in Europe, Android is more popular than iOS, only in UK businesses prefer iPhones. Also, 25% of companies, according to an IDC survey, plan to increase their phone budget by 20% in the next year. IDC expects a greater focus on business users this MWC.

HMD’s Nokia devices running Android Oreo could be a great value for business users. They receive regular updates, have no bloatware, thus are easy to manage by the IT department inside companies. A, maybe, groundbreaking thing is that HMD offers updates to all their devices, and that could potentially be attractive to companies wanting to get the best value for the money they plan to spend on phones. Just like with the low end and mid range Nokia Lumia devices in 2012 and 2013.

Nokia E7 business ad

All in all, it’s good to see HMD expanding their addressable market and I have to mention an E72 and an E7 like smartphone could be attractive to business (and regular) users, so if you’re listening HMD, you know what to do. 😉

Source: Nokia phones for business