Nokia phones are really back home? Well, some of them are

These past few years have been turbulent in the smartphone business. We witnessed the rise of Chinese manufacturers, fall of some big names, and Nokia there included. Maybe the hardest thing was to check the Nokia pages and see the message that redirected people searching the Nokia phones to Microsoft pages. Well, I accepted the change and stayed connected with Nokia, since the Nokia N1 tablet gave a little hope that the Finnish telecommunication giant will be back. Two years later HMD Global happened with its plan to bring Nokia phones back to Finland, and that thing became reality.

To cut the story short, if you now visit Microsoft pages, and scroll down a bit, you’ll see a message “Looking for Nokia phones?” and learn more on a Nokia pages. If you click the link, it will take you back to Nokia pages, to where they belong. For now, the only thing you can find there are the feature phones (150, 105, 230, 222, 216 and 130 in different versions). Soon there will be some smartphones there too. I only wonder where are going to be settled older phones, Lumias with Nokia logo and the others. Maybe Lumia phones will stay a bit longer on Microsoft pages until the famous Surface Phone arrives, but older models could go back to Nokia pages…

MWC is just around the corner, and we’ll get all the answers then. Slow is not the speed of the future days, but sometimes we need to take baby steps, I guess!