Digit.in: Reliance Jio could offer the Nokia 3310 4G in India; E72 and NGage considered for comeback

Indian medium Digit.in reports that according to their source inside Reliance Jio, a 4G Indian operator, the operator is in talks with HMD for launching the Nokia 3310 4G in India, bundled with data and call plans from Jio. Nokia 3310 4G hasn’t been announced yet, but we already saw the device passing TENAA, that revealed most of the specifications as WiFi support or the YunOS it’s supposed to run on.

Nokia E72

The executive source Digit.in has also reported that HMD is considering resurrecting from the dead the Nokia E72 or/and the Nokia NGage. Reliance Jio is also interested in carrying these devices, which suggest that they should support 4G if they ever make it to the market. We recently saw a device under the model number TA-1047 passing FCC and Bluetooth SIG , with dimensions between a smartphone and a feature phone. Many suggested that it could feature a QWERTY keyboard, so that would make sense if we are talking about a new Nokia E72.

Nokia NGage

With this move, Jio would practically doom their “Jio phone” smartphone/feature phone, especially if the Nokia 3310 4G or E72 were to be offered at a reasonable price on their network. Of course, with the presence of a 3310 4G or new E72 on Jio, many customers of other networks may make a switch so it makes sense in one hand.

Keep in mind, that we cannot verify Digit.in’s source so treat this info as a rumor, and after all, maybe HMD and Jio won’t come to an agreement and Jio customers will never see a 3310. Nobody is cheering for that, but that might be the case when we discuss unofficial information. Coincidence or not, (almost) the whole HMD executive team is in India at the moment.


For our Indian readers, would you switch to Jio if they offered a 3310 4G, or a new E72 or NGage? I’m stationed outside India, but I can’t wait to see the 3310 4G, and how the new E72 or a new gaming phone Nokia NGage would look like if HMD really brings them back to the market. Globally, of course. Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. 🙂

Source: Digit.in