Nokia Mobile teasing with Nokia 9 PV Android 11 update

Nokia 9 PureView is the only, well the second, flagship phone that Finnish startup running the Nokia Mobile operation launched since 2016. Nokia Mobile has released many phones since March 2019, but none of those was close to Nokia 9PV when talking about hardware completeness and innovation.

There were a lot of great things brought with 9PV, but that phone was neglected from the software side, and the same goes for the releases of big OS updates. Usually, manufacturers release the OS updates first for their best phones, but that is not the case with Nokia Mobile. Nokia 9 PureView could be the very last Nokia smartphone to get an Android 11 update.

However, it seems that the update is almost ready since Nokia Mobile tweeted to the 9PV user that the Android 11 update is just around the corner. The exact update release date wasn’t revealed, but it seems that it will be coming soon since the team running the Nokia Mobile social media account is releasing such info.

Android 11 won’t be bringing much new stuff to Nokia 9 PV, but it would be nice to see some final improvements added to the camera app.

Well, if Nokia 9 PV gets the update by the end of this week, it seems that the last Nokia with SD660 will be the last to get it. Of course, Nokia 7.2 should be followed by Nokia 6.2.

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