Unknown #Nokia designs filed to #EUIPO by #HMD Global

HMD Global filed several design patent requests to European Union Intellectual Property Office. We already know that HMD patented the design of Nokia 3, 5 and 6, but now we also see that the design of the feature phone Nokia 216 is patented in two versions, plus two more unknown designs that could be the 3310, Nokia 150, or maybe the rumored Nokia 7, 8 or 9. The only thing we can see about the two unknown design patent requests is the date of the request.

Under the design number 003736412-0001 HMD filed a design patent on 2nd February this year. On the 31st March a design patent request was filed under the design number 003833573-0001. The design patent of Nokia 216 was probably transferred from Microsoft Mobile because the filing date is 4th April, and it was published almost immediately. It’s interesting that Raun Forsyth was mentioned as the designer for Nokia 216. He is now the Head of Design at HMD Global.

As said before, the two unknown design patents could be for a variety of devices. My highest bet is Nokia 3310 and Nokia 150, but one design patent, or both of them could also be for an unreleased Nokia smartphone – the rumored mid-range 7 or 8, or the flagship Nokia 9. HMD teased us on Twitter that they have a lot of announcements this year, and some rumors suggest that HMD will introduce new high-end Nokia-branded smartphones in June this year.

Until then, we are waiting for the global sales start of Nokia 3310, 3, 5 and 6 that is expected to start this quarter.

Source: EUIPO