Rumors: #Nokia will launch 6-7 #Android smartphones in 2017

Malaysian Nokia/HMD distributor Avaxx revealed more information about HMD’s plans of returning the Nokia brand back to market.

Avaxx organized a roadshow in which a slide about HMD’s plans for 2017 was stated. The leaked slide shows the text:

“HMD will continue to innovate and launch series of attractive NOKIA Feature Phones and maintain the market share… HMD will launch NOKIA Android Smaprtphones by Q2 2017. Total of 6-7 models will be available by end 2017. Entry, Mid & High End Smartphones

A few days ago the same source, Malaysian distributor Avaxx, revealed aggressive pricing and “near-pure” Android for upcoming Nokia phones, or at least it is posted that way on a Facebook profile of one of Avaxx’s employees.

Source: VTechgraphy


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