Leak: Nokia E1 is HMD’s entry level smartphone?!

From Chinese Weibo network comes another leak of the future Nokia smartphone, but this time it is the photo of a new model, Nokia E1. Actually, the leaked photo shows the front panel of the Nokia phone, and the Nokia logo on the latter image proves that. But, since it is missing in the first photo this could easily be fake, or some Sony Xperia model (C3?).

Personally, I am not a fan of white bezels around the screen and the phone looks like it has low price tag. Phones with white bezels can be beautiful also, and the best proof for that is Lumia 650 which looks sexy in the white. The only good thing about this leak is that the screen could take more than 75% of the front surface. Capacitive control keys on the front are also a good thing since the lower diagonal screens will be used to its full capacity.

At the end, we could be expecting three phones at MWC2017, Nokia E1 or the cheap model, midrange Nokia D1C and the top model Nokia P1.


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