Nokia launched a new self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi 6 solution

Nokia launched the world’s first self-optimizing WiFi 6 solution for communication service providers or CSPs. The advantage of this WiFi 6 solution lies in both Nokia software and new hardware that includes a new Nokia WQiFi Beacons that can be easily connected in a mesh and be combined with a 5G Fixed Wireless Access Gateway such as the new 5G FastMile.

Nokia quietly announced new beacons, that are capable of creating a WiFi6 mesh. The Nokia Beacon 6 (AX42001) was announced earlier this year, but the new beacon is Nokia Beacon 2, which is a dual-band AX1800 and tri-band capable mesh access point with Ethernet and Wi-Fi uplink and can also be used to create a home WiFi mesh.

The Wi-Fi 6 looks like a Beacon 3, we had a chance to review, and we are still waiting for a render of Beacon 2.

Software needed to set up the home network also includes:

  • the Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller that provides full visibility on all access points and allows optimization of Wi-Fi performance across neighbouring homes and apartments, 
  • the Home Console that provides a real-time holistic view of the Wi-Fi home network and gives help desk agents the ability to identify issues and root causes, 
  • the Network Console that gives the network administrator the power to monitor and optimize the Wi-Fi networks as a whole and proactively solve problems.

There is also the Nokia mobile app, which allows end-user to install, extend, or manage the Wi-Fi network.

Here is what Nokia Wi-Fi 6 enabled portfolio of products includes:

  • Nokia ONT G-2426G-A and XS-2426G-A: dual-band, AX1800 capable ONTs with GPON and XGS-PON uplinks respectively;
  • Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 2 and Beacon 6: dual-band AX1800 and tri-band AX4200 capable mesh access point with Ethernet and Wi-Fi uplink, to extend the mesh network;
  • Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3 and 5G Gateway 3.1: dual-band, AX3600 capable mesh access point with 5G uplink with high-gain and omni-directional antennas, respectively.


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