Interesting duel: Nokia 8.3 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy 20 FE

Vy Vo Xuan did a nice comparison and specs fight video between Nokia mobile’s current best or Nokia 8.3 5G, and Samsung’s currently biggest flop or win, Samsung Galaxy 20 FE. Nokia mobile can’t offer a lot of versions of the same phone, but Samsung definitely can and did by launching Fan Edition of the Galaxy 20 flagship. The device looks cool on paper and specs, but it could be a failed project since it came late, with not so appreciated Exynos processor, and if with Qualcomm, then for just a few euros more you can get a better and ore capable Galaxy 20+.
This is also an interesting video since this can be a reference to see how well 7nm SD765 is going against 7nm+ Exynos 990.

Nokia 8.3 5G dominates the build since it is a large smartphone, but definitely nicely built and uniquely designed. The camera specs are on the side of Nokia even though Samsung will surely win the battle since it has more advanced software for governing its 12 MP shooters. When you check devices from the front, you now see that 8.3 would look so much better without that chin, but then would meat the price of Galaxy 20 FE, which is a more expensive choice now.

After seeing the video you can clearly see that Samsung has a bit better specs, which make the device slightly faster, and its software is polished a bit more, and that is all expected. Even though Samsung Galaxy 20 FE won in all the tests Vy Vo Xuan did, the difference between is not so huge, except in the loading speed of some more demanding games which is something not expected for many. That still puts Nokia 8.3 5G into the focus of many folks that just don’t want to pay more for a daily driver.