Rumors: Internal names of upcoming #Nokia #Android smartphones are: #A1, #B1, #D1 and #E1


These days a lot of Nokia and HMD related rumors surfaced out on the web. It is hard to determine which rumors are credible and which not, because there are so many contradictions and fan-made renders and specifications. One of the maybe more credible rumors today comes from China.

Yesterday DigiTimes reported that HMD is expected to unveil at least 4 Devices in 2017, with screen sizes from 5″ FullHD to 5.7″ WQHD. Today, a member of Baidu posted that he is familiar with HMD’s plans, and that the upcoming Nokia smartphones are internally named as: Nokia A1, B1, D1, and E1.


I only know that the internal code, we call A1 / BI / DI / E1. . Online exposure of the DIC metal back cover I have not seen, do not know is not cut? ?? E1 the most low-end, which B1 MWC Conference will be on display next year, A1 has not started trial production support – original poster (translated)

He says that he didn’t see the D1C after the metallic body was leaked. Also, he stated that the E1 is a low-end, which we are already familiar with; that the B1 will probably be announced at MWC next year, and that the A1 is not yet in trial production, suggesting that is still in the early phases of development.

If we add all the information we know, and a little bit of logic, we could say that (Note: All our speculations based on rumors):

  • E1 is a low-end Android smartphone
  • D1 and C1 (who is missing from the list) were fused  into D1C, because HMD estimated that it is enough to have one device in the mid-range market category
  • B1 is still unknown, but it could be a level beneath the flagship like the Lumia 820 was for 920
  • A1 is actually the rumored P1 flagship, which would explain the lack of pictures and information about the P1, because the trail production hasn’t started yet

Furthermore, some rumors suggest that HMD will unveil a new phone today, but they are probably a hoax. All in all, 2017 will be an exciting year for all Nokia fans and followers.