A man of focus detoxes with Nokia

The term “digital detox” has become quite popular nowadays. However, I sincerely doubt that many of us can truly detach from the world of smartphones, which bombards us with quick and meaningless notifications, short videos, stories, and information.

There’s even a digital detox challenge announced by HMD via Discord (hate me now, but thanks to Singhnsk, I managed to track the announcement, despite still finding Discord confusing). The challenge is set to start on November 20th and will be led by a digital detox specialist, Arne, who will guide us through the program.

Regardless, I encourage you to try the challenge. Personally, what I did to detox was cancel all notifications except for emails and WhatsApp. Additionally, I keep my phone on DND mode, with calls and SMS being the only two things that can reach me through a smartwatch.

However, a true man of focus, a boxer Adam Azim, is using a candy bar Nokia feature phone to prepare for his goal. Adam is about to challenge the reigning European super-lightweight champion, Franck Petitjean. To maintain his focus, he has even been using a Nokia feature phone to stay away from distractions.

I don’t know which phone that is, maybe Nokia 105 or 106 since it looks like a pebble. But then again, it could be 220 4G.

Adam revealed this secret in a short interview with a SkySports reporter. The reporter even mentioned a potential sponsorship deal, and if Adam wins, he could receive at least a 2660 flip phone. While I’m not particularly into boxing, I think that texting on a T9 keyboard will make his fist as hard as a rock, so he definitely has a vantage point :).

Link to SkySports interview