The ultimate 5G Google phone is Nokia 8.3 5G?

Google just recently announced the ultimate 5G Google phone, Google Pixel 5A. Reviews by many well-known tech sites and reviewers are calling this phone the king of the affordable smartphones, but when you check its hardware specifications, it resembles a phone launched by Nokia Mobile back in March 2020. Google Pixel 5A is pretty much similar to Nokia 8.3 5G in hardware specs with some minor differences. Nokia 8.3 has a more powerful main and selfie cam (64/24MP vs 12.2/8MP) which Google can still catch up with thanks to the better camera software, and Google has an IP68 certificate and battery which is 180mAh larger.

So, the two Android phones are pretty much similar until we reach the price, but Nokia 8.3 5G is much cheaper now since it is more than a year old phone and since it is coming with similar hardware as the latest Google Pixel phone, that makes Nokia 8.3 5G still a good purchase.

Google has much more resources than Nokia Mobile to create a better phone, but it chose the same strategy of making affordable midrange phones at an attractive price point and offer people not the best, but functional phone for the money. Google is trying to be Apple, but the biggest problem to achieve that goal is the Android market which is diverse and full of much better alternatives and more affordable than Google’s Pixels. Apple doesn’t have that problem thus can manufacture new phones that are expensive and not so competitive with the current smartphone industry standards.

This is great news for all the people planning on buying a new Android phone, which could instead of reaching for Google Pickle, check out the Nokia 8.3 5G.


GSMArena Pixel 5A vs Nokia 8.3 5G


Cheers Hannu Pulli for the heads up and tip 😉