Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2+ as Your Next Buds?

For me, the best Nokia earbuds were the second ones announced, the Nokia Power earbuds and their Lite version. The price-to-quality ratio was excellent, and the earbuds provided great sound. However, I later had a chance to test the Nokia Noise Cancelling earbuds, which were premium-class buds. Unfortunately, the sound was distorted when ANC was turned on, and the controls, together with voice notifications, were subpar.

Nokia Mobile launched numerous new models in the following years, with some earbuds looking quite promising, like the Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro. Regrettably, I haven’t had the opportunity to test them or find them in the market.

However, there is an affordable model on the horizon, the Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2+ (TWS-842W), which received certification on September 25. External photos suggest that this model could be a wise purchase. The case is elegant, resembling a pebble and quite compact. The earbuds are also small, elegantly designed, and probably come with dual-mic ENC technology, along with ANC like the previous model. In fact, the Clarity Buds 2+ are slightly smaller than the older model.

In any case, what earbuds are you using with your Nokia device? Currently, my top choice is the Huawei FreeBuds 4i.