Nokia Community is dead (again)

Nokia Mobile announced quite some time ago that the Nokia Phone Community forum is moving to Discord. My initial question was, “What is Discord?”. My second question was, “Does this mean I need to open another account on some new social network?”. My third question was, “Am I too old for a new social network or account on some new app?”.

Till today, I hadn’t even tried to get acquainted with Discord, and unfortunately, today I did and I still don’t get it. That thing is just bringing confusion, and the answer to my second question is yes. Also, that is the answer to my third question.

Anyways, the only one to blame for my visiting Discord was Indranil’s message about the one and only  Raun Forsyth, the Head of Design at Nokia Mobile, visiting the Discord space. Since I respect the dude for what he has done with Nokia, I found some strength to check Discord and the new Nokia community.

To my surprise, I found out that the Nokia Community died, again. That space where Nokia fans gather is now called the Discord community. There isn’t any Nokia logo there, just HMDs in the upper left part of the screen. Nokia is mentioned everywhere, though, since all the people there are Nokia fans.

While I don’t mind the change – after all, it is the only thing constant in this world -, nor the fact that HMD is creating space for itself, I mind the misinformation. The Nokia phone community wasn’t relocated. Let’s be frank and say that it was renamed into something completely new but made of old components – people who are still attached to the Nokia brand.

Ah well, after establishing that sad news, I went to search for a Q&A session there and spent some 15 minutes running around the messy and disorganized thing called Discord and couldn’t find anything except the announcement for an exclusive Q&A session with the maestro himself, Raun Forsyth, HMD’s VP and Head of Design, who has been shaping the legacy of Nokia phones since 2007.

I don’t know if that happened or not, or maybe it is still not too late to ask questions about the design philosophy hidden behind HMD’s latest strategy. Will new HMD devices follow the Nokia philosophy or are we going to see something completely new?

I definitely need the help of someone younger, used to Discord, to bring some info on what Raun shared with the wonderful new Discord community.

Is anyone here using Discord and the new community? How do you find it?